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We turn your utility network data into powerful, actionable insights using advanced AI

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Our proprietary probabilistic simulators

combined with your existing asset data enables us to

  • Identify leaks and bursts for both proactive and reactive decision making.
  • Create resiliency first systems that help you to prepare for a changing environment.
  • Monitor your assets in real-time and provides you with the tools to optimise your network.
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Our AI systems utilise innovative probabilistic simulators that can be implemented within existing systems and work in both the small-data and big-data regimes.


Our models are not hidden oracles, but instead are fully interpretable, enabling operations and asset managers to know why a model is making given predictions so that your operations and asset teams are never left in the dark.


Our AI-driven probabilistic simulators tell you how uncertain they are in their estimates, unlike existing systems, to help you make the best decisions.


You can either integrate our system at the back-end or have a shiny new front-end with fully integrated visualisation tools to understand what is going on in your network.


We know your data is critical to your operations, that is why it is never shared and securely stored in fortified cloud-environments.


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